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About Us

We are YOUR digital mARKETING SUCCESS partner

Who we are

We are team of online marketing professionals driven by their mission to help every one of their clients get more online customers and bring back their past customers to buy again. We develop online strategies, create content, design customer nurturing systems and then some — all with the goal of helping small businesses to stand out from their competition, increase sales, and grow their businesses. 

JC Soto and his expert team have been providing effective marketing solutions and WordPress website design in the Denver Metro area since 2006.

Prior to Founding Online Media 360, JC owned several businesses in the retail, service and professional arenas. He knows first-hand that the number one challenge most business face is the lack of online marketing know-how and how to stand out.

He can help you with his proven-to-convert campaigns, websites and strategies to increase your sales.

We want to make sure the traffic that’s coming to your website is converting and providing sales for you.

JC and his team strive to provide their clients with high ROI online marketing services in order to create long term partnerships with Denver businesses.



JC Soto


Our Services

We provide a wide array of optimized website design, development and strategic online marketing services.


We create complete digital marketing blueprints based on each business growth stage.

User Interface 

Turning our website visitor into a lead is our top priority and it’s one of our online marketing pillars.

Client Retention

The easiest way to increase sales is by offering more products and services to past customers.

Lead Nurturing

Our specialized follow-up system insures that your leads are not falling through the cracks.


How We Work



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