Get More Leads From Your Website

Getting More Leads From Your Website

Getting more leads from your website is its main purpose without a doubt . A business website has long been considered the hub of an internet marketing plan, however, the popularity of social media marketing has made many small business owners forget about this important element.

With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, it seems that website marketing and optimization have taken a back seat. A business website can be a great way to capture leads practically unattended 24/7 and it requires a very low monthly hosting fee. Unfortunately, frequently it is not used to its full potential.

Some of other reasons for business owners to ignore their website and see it as an expense rather than an investment, is the fact that they think they don’t have a successful website or that haven’t seen the success that they were expecting.

When I say “successful website”, I mean a website that is designed to do its job of generating leads and/or making a sale. I’m not talking about the pretty, brochure style website. I’m referring to a website with some solid internet marketing fundamentals.

While there are other important elements that will help with SEO, these five elements should be present in every website to help it do its job:

1- A great headline – It doesn’t matter if you have a professional looking website, with a superb product or service. Nor does it matter if your sales copy is the best there is. Without the right wording in your headline, you will not make many sales. Do you know how to create the perfect headline?

2 – Testimonials – Simply stated; Testimonials SELL! In fact, testimonials have been known to increase sales by 200% or more! The Internet is a very impersonal medium. People trust people! The more you can do to “humanize” your web site, the more likely potential customers or clients will want to do business with you. Testimonials “speak” to potential customers in a honest, believable way. Testimonials are crucial in the process of getting more leads from your website.

Buying products on the web can be scary and potential customers want to know if they are dealing with a reputable business. They also want to know if the product actually does what they promise it does. Customer testimonials can PROVIDE the answers to such questions. It can BUILD trust and CLOSE sales!

3 – Social Media links – If you have social media accounts, make sure these linked and are as visible as possible. At this moment, some of the most common links are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Skype. You can add more if you are more active in some of the other social media platforms.

4- Get Mobile – With the increase of mobile traffic and the recent Google mobile update, it is no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is!

According to the most recent reports, mobile have taken over the fixed internet access and it’s predicted to grow even more.

Check if your website passes the Google friendly test here .

5- Lead Capture form – putting together and implementing a website traffic plan can be time consuming and expensive. However, it all would be for naught, if that traffic is not offered a reason to enter your sales funnel. Having a lead capture form can help get some of that traffic into the funnel so it can be followed up with.

While there are many more elements that can be added in order to optimize a website, this is just a starting point to make this investment start paying off. Getting more leads from your website is an ongoing process that requires ongoing tweaking and fine tuning.

If you implement what I share with you here, I’d love to hear the kind of results you get!

~JC Soto

JC Soto is a marketing & business coach who specializes in increasing sales for coaches by helping create more credibility and visibility.

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